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Ninth Street Disappointments and Delights

Some months back the family was out in Durham, so we stopped by Ninth Street Bakery. I had high expectations because they seem so long-established, iconic, and well, their products seem to be distributed everywhere. They do indeed have fabulous bread and baked goods, and yet, I was more than a little surprised at their meager selection of vegan-friendly items. I get that they are primarily a bakery, not a cafe. Still I expected more than 3 vegan items (don't even think vegan and gluten-free) from such a prominent place that maintains a high profile in the vegan/vegetarian world. That's all I will say about that.

Rather disappointed with our lunch there, we walked a block or two down to The Parlour, where I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only do they have a flavor or two of fun vegan sorbets, they also stock a couple of flavors of vegan ice creams. Not only that, but they also had a selection of house-made vegan baked goods that far surpassed in quantity and quality what we had just seen at the place that supposedly specializes in baked goods.

Besides their great treats and super-hip downtown location, The Parlour also does fun things like hosting periodic vegan events like Afternoon Tea. I had been mostly planning to go, but hadn't clued in to the fact that it is not a "Feel free to drop in" kind of event and is instead a "Make a reservation and prepay" kind of event. I just saw that all the seats are filled. Boo.

I will definitely make it a priority to attend the next one that they do. Just in case it makes you as excited as it does me, get a load of this menu:

1.Cranberry scones with orange marmalade and “cream”, tea of your choice

2. Hoppin’ John handpie, “chicken” salad sandwich, lentil croquette

3. Mini pain au chocolat, iced spiced orange cookie, German chocolate bundt

Droolirific, right?! Extra fun point: There is also a discount on the ticket price if you wear a hat appropriate for tea-time.

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