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Who We Are

My name is Rangadevi Dasi. I am the founder and owner of Govinda’s Catering and have been vegetarian for over 30 years. Eating a plant-based diet is second nature for me, and yet I realize that is not the case for everyone. Many times people make a dietary change due to a health challenge. Sometimes people come to understand the ethics involved in the dairy and meat industries, and thus to maintain harmony with values of love and compassion, they opt to follow a plant-based diet. Regardless of what motivates someone to make a dietary change, the fact is that people often lack the know-how or the nuts and bolts of how to navigate a new and foreign dietary realm.


What if you have also decided to remove gluten from your diet? Removing all animal products and gluten at the same time, can throw your world into a vortex from which you may feel you will never recover. “Good-bye cruel world! Good-bye doughnuts! Good-bye meringue! Good-bye marshmallows, cake, cookies and so much more!” You may be convinced that never, ever will these taste treats ever pass your lips again.  


Here at Govinda's our goal is to make food both healthy and fun. I love me some healthy food. I love vegetables. Strangely enough I am not a huge fan of salad, especially when that is the only vegetarian thing on the menu. Come on now. How many times have you heard (or thought that) - “You eat salad, right?” “No actually, I don’t really eat salad, and I am trying so hard to have patience and compassion in the face of a culture that has so little creativity around how to put vegetables, nuts and grains together in a nourishing and tasty way.” That in a nutshell pretty much explains how Govinda’s Catering got started and what motivates me to keep cooking week after week - a simultaneous rebellion against the you-eat-salad-right? culture and a burning urge to create more and more exciting plant-based foods.

Rangadevi Dasi

Chef and Owner

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Who We Are
Triangle Vegfest

Where to Find Us

Look for us at your local Farmer's Markets - Chapel Hill, Fearrington Village, Hillsborough, and Wake Forest. Occasionally we bring our buffet and baked goods to local events. Sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of our weekly menus and special events. We hope to see you soon!​

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Govinda's Catering samples



“...thanks for being our caterer... It hit me that we are able to eat delicious and healthy with very little effort on our part every week.  And – allows us to host people in our home without a massive shopping/cooking project added to our already busy lives.  We know we can serve our guests healthy delicious food.    So thanks!" - Steve


"...last night's meal was the BEST EVER from Govinda's. It was just perfect. I really loved the salad. BIG TIME! And everything else was really good. The split pea was very tasty and comforting. The kofta was very confident of itself and the quinoa was perfectly balanced with satisfaction and flavor." - Ananda Gopal


"Totally loved the pumpkin soup! The banana bread rose beyond my expectations! It delighted my senses with its great smell, substantial density and delicious taste! It ranks as one of my favorites in your myriad of desired foods that you make and that says a lot! I’m grateful that you put so much into it your food … especially your love :)" - Kallyn

"The best stuffed grape leaves I've ever had." - Lyneah


"I did want to be sure to tell you how AWESOME the green beans and carrots were!... More, please!" - Elizabeth


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